April 27, 2009

Acts 26:28, 29: But Agrippa did answer: “Keep this up much longer and you’ll make a Christian out of me!” Paul, still in chains, said, “That’s what I’m praying for, whether now or later, and not only you but everyone listening today, to become like me—except, of course, for this prison jewelry!”

What would you change about your life if you hit the lottery? I bet you have a few ideas about the way you might spend a cool million. I’ve read stories indicating that for some people coming into a lot of money is the beginning of their lives unraveling leading to a tragic ending. Yet I’ve also known people with little means that were perfectly content, even happy, with what they had. I don’t think I’d ever turn down some extra cash, but I’m more intrigued with someone like Paul in this passage who claims to have peace and joy even though his circumstances are oppressive (he was imprisoned and on trial at the time). The message of the Bible is that God is that good. Without God, nothing is really satisfying. With God, joy and peace are possible in any circumstance. Imagine living a life that was so solid that, instead of wishing to be in others shoes, you’re wish for others would be that they could share in the wonder of your life. Pain and suffering are real and not to be diminished. Still, even in the face of it, the message of Christianity is that a life of overflowing love and contentment is still possible. That’s the kind of life I want. How about you?



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