June 1, 2009

2 Corinthians 1:5 We have plenty of hard times that come from following the Messiah, but no more so than the good times of his healing comfort—we get a full measure of that, too.

Where do you look for comfort? What we often see in the media is people looking for comfort through sex and booze. I’m sure that goes on but what I see in real life is people seeking comfort in food. Yep, food. People eat to feel better (or sometimes refuse to eat to feel better). It very literally fills an empty place inside us and gives us comfort. Certain foods do this better than others, but eating to deal with the discomfort of stress or boredom or loneliness is common. Of course this is a short-lived comfort, as are sex and booze. Could Paul really be saying that being connected to God through Christ can make us feel OK about ourselves and our life, even while problems continue? Maybe instead of sitting in front of the TV with my snack and soda I could find greater comfort being still in the presence of God. Think it over, and hand me that bag of chips.



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