July 13, 2009

1 Timothy 2:5 There’s one God and only one, and one Priest-Mediator between God and us—Jesus, who offered himself in exchange for everyone held captive by sin, to set them all free.

Here is one of those passages that sums up the vital core of Christian belief. There are lots of Christian denominations with lots of variations on all sorts of things. But Paul gets to the heart of the matter here in his letter to Timothy: One God who somehow becomes human in Jesus so that the damage of sin to individuals and our whole world is overturned. The implications radiate endlessly but this is the source of our faith, the place where everything else comes together. Whatever you are experiencing in your life these days, be it joyful or sorrowful, peaceful or challenging, we can trace our hope back to this affirmation, that the one almighty God loves us enough to become human like us and offer himself on our behalf. That’s something to build a world around! That’s something to build a life around! As you go through your week find ways to keep connected to this core.



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