September 12, 2011

Genesis 3:13 “The serpent seduced me,” she said, “and I
ate.” (The Message Bible)

Alaina preached a wonderful message yesterday about
confession. This is part of her text, the story of Adam and Eve, and above is
Eve’s response to God about why she ate the fruit. The word seduced has taken on
primarily a sexual connotation in the present culture but it really has to do
with being drawn, almost irresistible, into an act or attitude we know is wrong.
Eve did what we all do. Instead of taking responsibility for her choice, she
found someone to blame. From sports to politics to family life, our world is
filled with finger pointing and accusations. The heart of the Christian message
is that God honors our recognition of our failures. In fact Jesus died so that
we can face our faults, and some of them have caused us and others great pain
and heart ache, square in the face, accept our guilt and know forgiveness. Who
are you blaming in your life? What are you blaming then for? Would you be better
off accepting responsibility and placing your guilt before the God who longs to
forgive you?



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