February 27, 2012

I hear a lot of commercials on radio and TV that announce sales for a limited time only. Sometimes it’s going out of business sales. Sometimes it’s Presidents Day sales. Whatever the reason, these ads are designed to make us feel like we have to act quickly or we will miss a fabulous opportunity. However, it seems like these same folks are advertising similar sales the next month. We can become callous to such sales pitches, but the fact is life, and God, does present us with certain limited time opportunities. Those of us who have been around children know how quickly they grow and once they pass a stage in their lives there is no going back. Life, itself, is a limited opportunity with none of us knowing exactly how long our lives will be. This is one of the things we focus on in Lent; our own mortality and the passing of time. So Jesus told those who would listen that his coming represented a unique occurrence that they needed to respond to immediately. Jesus continues to come to us in our present lives and challenges us with the same mandate. This year, today, how do you need to “Change your life and believe the Message.” For all we know, it may be a limited time offer.



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