August 6, 2012

Our church always has a group participate in the town 4th of July parade and this year we walked just ahead of the Chick-fil-A cow. If the parade would have been a month later our walking in front of the person dressed as a cow might have been interpreted in all sorts of ways, none of which would have been intended. The chick-fil-a flap demonstrates again how divided we are as a society and it is only a precursor to what we will be inundated with in the next three months as the fall campaigns unfold. The cyber-voices on my Facebook page alone are enough to drive an open, sensitive person (which I aspire to be) to the point of distraction. With all the points of view on all the various issues of life, to whom shall we listen? Paul wanted his readers to listen to him and he gave as his credentials the life he led which was a consistent witness to his message, a walking of his talking, even in the face of persecution and imprisonment. The people who influence you are not the ones who breeze through your life with a quick sound bite. They are the ones you observe over time and their actions either validate or invalidate their words. Paul pointed to Christ with his preaching but it was the way he lived his life that made the words stick. Whom do you trust and believe? Why? What is your message? Does your life back it up? This is the tough stuff of life, and that ain’t chicken droppings!



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