October 29, 2012

Mark 6:46- After sending them off, he climbed a mountain to pray. (The Message Bible)

Feels like we were just here a little over a year ago; huddled in front of our TVs awaiting a giant storm. Those of us who have reached a certain age realize that this is the way of life and that these things happen periodically. So once again life will grind to a halt for a few hours or a few days and the regular routine will be set aside. How will you fill the gift of this extra time? The passage above is the conclusion of the feeding of the five thousand. After a busy and high powered event, Jesus made time to be alone with God. Sometimes we go to the mountain, and sometimes, in the form of a storm, the mountain comes to us. Will you use this break to catch up on chores and tasks? Will you watch that movie or all the shows you DVR’ed? Or will you take the opportunity to let your soul settle for a while in the midst of the storm before the God who is in the storm and beyond the storm? If the power in your house goes out, does the power in your life? May the Super Storm, Frankenstorm, of 2012 be a place of peace, a mountainside, for your prayer.


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