July 15, 2013

Thirty-five years ago today Robin and I stood together in the front of a little chapel and became husband and wife. As I write this I can see a picture of us from that day over on the piano. Amazingly, I haven’t changed at all- not! I’ve had the privilege of sharing in pre-wedding counseling with couples as a pastor and I’ve often gone away from these sessions remembering how naïve I was when I got married. I thought I knew a lot more about most everything back then than I do now. I’ve changed, Robin has changed, the whole world is a different place, but the truth that two people can pledge themselves to each other and through all the ups and downs can build a single life journey remains true. With all that is not as it once was, there are some things that we can cling to amidst the fluctuations, and as Paul mentions above, the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ is one of them. Hopefully our understanding of God deepens as we age but that understanding for Christians is always rooted in the way God became like us in Jesus, a real human being, and poured out his great love for us in his death and resurrection that we might share in his ongoing giving of himself to the world through his present body, the Church. As I look back over the years, it has been Robin’s and my belief and commitment that God was present in our marriage, guiding, forgiving, comforting, providing, that has kept us together through challenge and change; a belief in the bedrock or the message of God’s love. It’s that message that doesn’t diminish or weaken over time. Where will you meet the message this week?


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