September 16, 2013

Luke 15:7 Count on it—there’s more joy in heaven over one sinner’s rescued life than over ninety-nine good people in no need of rescue.


As a pastor I spend more time than most folks around hospitals and rehab facilities talking and praying with people and their families as they battle through health issues. They don’t always win these battles and we walk together through the challenge of those transitions. Those times can be difficult and sad. But there are the other times; the times when people heal, even if not completely; the times when the pain is lessened or eradicated; the times when they get to go home and resume to some degree lives that they may have been complaining about only weeks before.  These are happy times, yes, even joyful. These are times when people realize how precious their homes and their families really are. These are times when they remember what a miracle day to day life truly is. These are times when the simple things of life seem less simple and more grand. Maybe we shouldn’t need to get sick to appreciate health, or be lonely to cherish friendships, or know what it is like to be lost to understand the depths of delight in being found. Maybe we shouldn’t, but often we do. If these things lead us to the joy that is the heart of God, maybe they really are blessings after all.  God finds us where we are lost, where we are broken, where we are sinful. Where is God finding you this week?


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