October 21, 2013

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18- Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. (The Message Bible)


I don’t tweet. My son set me up with a twitter account but it was all I could do to navigate Facebook so it never really took with me. But I do understand the concept: say something that will have an impact in 180 characters. The idea is really not new. Proverbs and lines of poetry, even bumper stickers and greeting cards have been doing the same thing for countless years. Paul often ends his letters with a series of these pithy little statements on how to live out the faith and the above is a good example. After all the theology is pondered we are left with the “what do I do with this” questions. We call the Christian message the gospel, that is, the good news. Paul tweets here to let the good news be good news no matter the circumstances. Use every situation as an opportunity to connect to God in prayer and make it a prayer where you say “thank you.” Some days we don’t really feel like being this way and we have to use some self-discipline to live this out. But surely if the Christian faith has any basis in reality there are times when this flows naturally from the inside out if we let it. So join the Thessalonians in following Paul in this old time twitter feed. How will you open your heart to let God make these words a reality in your life this week?


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