December 23, 2013

Matthew 1:24- Then Joseph woke up. He did exactly what God’s angel  commanded in the dream: He married Mary. (The Message  Bible)


As I write this there is less than 48  hours until Christmas. It still feels like I have a ton to things to do. There  are a lot of expectations surrounding the way we celebrate Christmas- presents  (what to buy and for whom to buy them), meals (we always have….), cards, letters  and phone calls (and emails and text messages and skype). I’d like to squeeze a  time of worship in there also. In the information age we have quite a bit more  knowledge than we have time or energy, mental or physical, to process. It’s not  so much what you know anymore as which pieces of knowledge we actually consider  important enough to act on. There might very well have not have been Christmas  at all if Joseph would have shrugged off his encounter with the angel as a weird  projection of his wishful thinking and continued on with plan A of divorcing  Mary. And so this is Christmas sings  John Lennon, and what have you done? Well I’ve done a lot, but not much of it has to do with connecting with the God with us that came as a baby that  first Christmas. How about you? There is still  time.


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