March 31, 2014

Matthew 5:44 “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Most people know that Jesus said to love your enemies- it is a saying for which he is famous. For those of us who take Jesus seriously or at least want to take him seriously, the question becomes how do you love your enemies? I mean, really. We aren’t very good at loving our friends and family so what does it mean for us to love our enemies? Well, the second clause seems to explain the first. We pray for them. This assumes we are praying people in general- that we pray regularly. I know that consistent prayer has always been a struggle for me. Still it is a goal and a vision and an aspiration. When I get past asking God to make my life wonderful and fix all the problems in my circle of friends I am usually ready to stop praying and move on. It is rare that I pray for those with which I have issues or those I dislike or those with which I come into conflict. I really have no one that persecutes me (something I should be more thankful for) and those who are sources of conflict are more an annoyance than anything else. Still, they can get under my skin and praying for them feels right, as difficult as it may be. Who are the enemies you can love this week in prayer?


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