February 15, 2016

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

It was a little chilly this past weekend. The coldest I saw on my thermometer was 10 degrees but the news said it was even lower than that in some places. While the cold air, which had traveled all the way from Siberia across the Arctic to reach us, was blanketing the region the sun, whose light had traveled 93 million miles, was trying to warm it up. It made for an invigorating and beautiful day. While all this was going on we had a special “Service of Light and Hope” for worship yesterday. I didn’t preach which I’m sure was a huge disappointment for many in the congregation (yeah, right). Instead many folks did readings, lit candles, sang songs, prayed, and offered the light and hope of Christ to one another in various ways. And of course this was all planned in advance by others also. They brought their faith and their voices and their lives together for this hour to not only talk about light and hope but to be the light and hope of Christ for one another. Some were longtime members. Some were newer to our church. Some have never officially joined. They came with different life situations, different joys and challenges, different views and plans. But they came together and they brought their part to worship and it made for an invigorating and beautiful experience of the light and hope of Jesus. Where will you continue to see that light and hope this week?


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