October 30, 2017

Psalm 93:3, 4 Sea storms are up, God, Sea storms wild and roaring, Sea storms with thunderous breakers. Stronger than wild sea storms, Mightier than sea-storm breakers, Mighty God rules from High Heaven. (The Message Bible)


We had a busy weekend in my congregation- Thrift store sale; Trunk or Treat; special community service honoring the 500th anniversary of Luther nailing his 95 theses that became the beginning of the Reformation. In all the activity the fact that it was also the five year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy kind of got lost for me. For many, as that sea storm rose and roared, life would never be the same. In addition, my personal connection with the date includes the departure of my daughter for the West Coast to rebuild her life there after a traumatic time. When we feel the movements of weather or the unexpected movements of events we remember how small and vulnerable humans are. Is there a hand and a meaning behind the power that shapes coastlines and lives, or are we at the mercy of random, unfeeling forces? It sometimes seems like the latter. The Bible beckons us to believe that “Mighty God rules from High Heaven.” So many people are busy trying to rebuild their lives after various individual super storms. Maybe you are one of them, or maybe your neighbor or co-worker or relative is. This week, what will you have to say about the storms of life?


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