June 25, 2018

Psalm 9: 11 Sing the praises of the Lord, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what he has done.

In our church this summer we are singing hymns that people identify as their favorites. Before we sing them, the one requesting the hymn stands up and explains why they find it special. Today’s hymn was “I Love to Tell the Story.” Which story do you love to tell? We are bombarded with negativity in TV and social media. Even our personal conversations can focus on what is wrong or burdensome. Yes, there is a place for that. But when do we get to all the good that God has done and sing joyous songs about that? Every story is created by the selection of material and the shaping of that material. You choose the story you tell and you decide how it is told. Which story do you love to tell?


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