November 26, 2018

Hebrews 12: Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses.

Christians believe in the “Communion of Saints.” We often hear of saints in the Catholic Church sense of special people of unusual holiness. But Wikipedia explains that “The communion of saints …when referred to persons, is the spiritual union of the members of the Christian Church, living and the dead. They are all part of a single ‘mystical body’, with Christ as the head, in which each member contributes to the good of all and shares in the welfare of all.” In Hebrews the writer is referring to the characters in the Old Testament. Who is in your great cloud? Maybe some of the Old Testament folks; maybe some of the New. Maybe folks in your family; maybe folks in your congregation. They are the people who contributed to your faith. But what about you? For who are you part of that “Great Cloud of Witnesses?” Is that something to which you even aspire? You may think no one notices you but you are wrong. You are a witness by your life to something. Wouldn’t it be good to be a witness to the goodness of God in Christ? This week consider, to whom or what are you a witness?


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