January 28, 2019

I bought a new car and it came with a free trial of Sirius XM radio. One of the more than 150 channels plays the Beatles and Beatles related material 24/7. I am old enough to remember Beatlemania, the cultural craziness that surrounded their early years. They were the hottest thing to hit the scene in my, then, young life. I guess Jesus was making a similar impact in his part of the world according to Luke above. With the Beatles we found there was a darker side to their popularity and success that led to the band’s break up. We will see a little later in chapter four that not everyone continued praising Jesus. Yahoo.com tells us that “In Roman times, a conquering general was allowed a ‘triumph’, a parade though the streets of Rome, but Caesar commanded that a slave was required to stand next to the general in his chariot continuously whispering into his ear ‘All glory is fleeting’”. Jesus would learn the truth of this on a cross. We will never be the Beatles nor Jesus, but we all have our dreams of glory, ways that we hope to get praise or respect or at least noticed by someone. But “all worldly glory is fleeting.” Only the glory given by God lasts. What kind of glory are you seeking in your life?


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