March 25, 2019

Luke 13:4-5 Those eighteen in Jerusalem the other day, the ones crushed and killed when the Tower of Siloam collapsed and fell on them, do you think they were worse citizens than all other Jerusalemites? Not at all. Unless you turn to God, you, too, will die.”

People have always been fascinated by the misfortunes of others. Just listen to or read the news reports. They love to highlight plane crashes and fires and murders. I’ve never been sure why we find these so fascinating. If you have an idea I’d love to hear it. From the passage above we know it was happening in the 1st century. Jesus seems to imply that we feel better about having escaped such tragedy by examining those of others, as if there is a scale and we are a little higher on it than the poor souls who have such troubles. But Jesus reminds his listeners that they are all in it together. I believe he is talking about the destruction he sees coming, and did come, by the Romans as they put down the rebellion in 70 A.D. In war people are killed indiscriminately, even non-combatants, even children. We live in a world that has so often failed to turn to God resulting in death and destruction where there is no distinction between the good and the not so good. All we can do is trust the hand of God to provide what we need in the midst of such things and faith that God will provide mercifully a future beyond them. Where do you feel vulnerable this Lent? How will you turn to God in the midst of your vulnerability?


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