April 1, 2019

Luke 15:24 “this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” So, they began to celebrate.

I lost my son once at an amusement park. We had three young children who wanted to go on different rides, the park was crowded, I wasn’t being as attentive as I should have been. We searched and searched and finally had to bear the indignity of reporting him as missing to the security folks. It seemed like forever when finally, over the radio of one of the guards I heard a voice say, “we’ve got a boy here.” In a minute more another guard came around the bend with a boy by the hand. Only it wasn’t my son. Up until that point I been embarrassed and annoyed. Now I was panic stricken. What if the unthinkable had happened and I had seen my son for the last time. Soon yet another guard came with my son in tow. The above verse is a quote from the father in the Prodigal Son story. If you don’t know it, read Luke 15 starting at verse 11. I think of the incident with my own son often when I read this story. If that is how God feels about us being lost, then it would be grand to be found. Are you lost or celebrating?


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