May 13, 2019

 John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice; 10:30 I and the Father are one.

In English the word acoustic has to do with sound. If a room has good acoustics it means you can hear particularly well in that space. Usually this has to do with live music and your ability to enjoy it. The word for “hear” in verse 27 above in the original Greek is that very word from which we get acoustic. It is also the same word found in one of the great Old Testament statements of Israel’s faith, Deuteronomy 6:4- “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.” You might have noticed that in verse 30 above Jesus says that he and the Father are one. Could this be John’s way of connecting Jesus with Deuteronomy in the same way he began his gospel “In the beginning was the word,” a clear reference to Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created.” Every book in the Bible is different and reflects the author and the author’s time and the author’s style. But verses like these indicate that the authors also saw what they wrote as part of one, larger story; the story of God and his love for humanity. This week, how will you connect with the larger story of God?


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