July 15, 2019

Acts 6:1 During this time, as the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds, hard feelings developed among the Greek-speaking believers—“Hellenists”—toward the Hebrew-speaking believers because their widows were being discriminated against in the daily food lines. So the Twelve called a meeting of the disciples. (The Message Bible)

If you have been around children much you have no doubt heard the complaint “So and so got more than I did. It’s not fair!” In the passage above, the young community of believers in the resurrected and, now ascended, Jesus were trying to meet the needs of the needy. Of course, one group felt the other group was getting better treatment. I wonder if any of the leaders suggested they just shut down the food distribution and let them all fend for themselves. That might have been my initial reaction. If anyone felt that way, it is not recorded. Instead the leaders work together to find a win-win solution where everyone is at least partially satisfied. I’m a pretty naive person by nature and tend to underestimate how hard it is for folks to work through problems together. Too often people of faith have had just as much difficulty with this as anyone else. The Twelve above called a meeting. When you see disagreements and division may God want you to initiate conversation? That can be a real act of faith requiring a lot of prayer. How can you help bring people together for God’s good this week?


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