December 9, 2019

Isaiah 11:6 The wolf will romp with the lamb, the leopard sleep with the kid. Calf and lion will eat from the same trough, and a little child will tend them. (The Message Bible)

The painting below was done by Edward Hicks in 1826. Hicks was a local guy growing up over in Bucks County PA. It is titled The Peaceable Kingdom and is based on this verse. A devout Quaker, Hicks did 62 different versions of this theme. This verse obviously inspired him to a vision of life that was compelling and motivating. Advent is a time of waiting on what God is doing just as people waited for the coming of the messiah throughout history. But it need not be a passive waiting. It can be a time to internalize the visions in scripture and make them our own. What vision of life with God is compelling and motivating for you this Advent?

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