February 10, 2020

1 Corinthians 2:6 We, of course, have plenty of wisdom to pass on to you once you get your feet on firm spiritual ground, but it’s not popular wisdom, the fashionable wisdom of high-priced experts that will be out-of-date in a year or so.

You don’t have to be around very long to see how things go in and out of fashion. Just take a look at the hair styles from the 90’s or the clothes from Woodstock and you can see how much has changed. Of course, some things are classic and seem to endure through time- the little black dress is one, I’m told. There are features in religion that go in and out also. Someone writes a book or someone makes a movie and for a while they command the focus of faith and talk at the water cooler. Sometimes people go through a phase of religious concern where they experience zeal about Jesus or the Bible or church for a season until the next big thing takes their time and attention. Paul tells these Corinthians who have a boatload of issues (just skim through the rest of the letter) that he has things to share with them that can stand the test of time and last beyond our attention deficits. If you are looking for something better than the latest fad, Paul says Jesus has it. How would you go about getting it?

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