February 24, 2020

2 Peter 1:16, 17 We weren’t, you know, just wishing on a star when we laid the facts out before you regarding the powerful return of our Master, Jesus Christ. We were there for the preview! We saw it with our own eyes (The Message Bible)

Many churches remember the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, which, of course, was this past Sunday (You can read the account in Matthew 17:1-9). The above passage connects that event with the promise that Jesus will return in a unique way to bring a new reality to this earthly creation. If heaven is the realm of the spiritual and not somewhere up in the sky, the transfiguration kind of pulls back the curtain for a moment indicating that the spiritual is present in Jesus in the here and now even though we don’t always see it. The connection with Jesus’ return also indicates that history is moving towards a culmination, a destination, and is not an endless cycle of the similar. This week ask yourself, “Where is heaven”? “What does ‘spiritual’ mean?” “Where are we headed?” Lent begins with Ash Wednesday this week. These are good questions to ponder during those forty days.


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