April 27, 2020

Luke 24:17 He asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?”

The “he” here is Jesus and the “them” are two followers of Jesus who were heading to the town of Emmaus on the first Easter. We are told the name of one of “them,” Cleopas, but not his companion. 2,000 years later we know Cleopas’ name but his traveling companion is just another disciple. Cleopas seems to get this recognition because he is the one to respond to Jesus’ question of “what were you talking about?” I find it fascinating that Jesus is asking questions. Why not simply tap them on the shoulder and announce, “hey guys, I know what you are wondering about. Well, here I am!” Some people seem to think God should be more forthright. Why doesn’t God takeover all the telecommunication devices at one time and show himself definitively in an instant? Why all the questions that require discussion and contemplation and faith? Maybe it is because what God truly desires of people is discussion and contemplation and faith- relational qualities. What question is God posing to you? Why is asking you that?


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