June 22, 2020

John 1:8 John was not himself the Light; he was there to show the way to the Light (The Message Bible).

Sunday was Father’s Day. Dad’s can often be hard people to buy gifts for. We generally have all the material things we need. What seems to give Dad’s the most joy is to see their children doing well and getting along with each other. Dad’s don’t seem to need a lot of attention on themselves but like to be around people and the conversations and the good times that are happening with others. And Dad’s like to be helpful. If they can show their kids how to do things or how to think more deeply into a subject they are generally pleased. That’s the way this gospel portrays John the Baptist. I don’t think he had any children of his own, but he wanted to challenge people because he wanted to help them and he believed he had a “light” to which he could point. How about you? To which light do you point? 


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