July 26, 2021

2 Samuel 11:3 David sent someone to find out about her. 

We all know what an affair is. It is when two people who are married to other people are having sex. But where and when does the affair begin? People don’t just wake up one morning surprised to find the other in bed with them. There are plans that have to be made and before that, desires to make such plans. David sent to find out about the woman, Bathsheba, that was bathing within eyesight of his roof. If he doesn’t make this move probably nothing ever happens and a lot of pain is avoided. But he does make the move. So, what is the first move in today’s world? Going to a certain bar? Downloading a certain app? Staying a little later at the office? Maybe even just a smile or touch or a sympathetic ear. The point is to not kid yourself about what you are doing, and certainly not trying to fool God. Be willing to face up to what is going on in your heart, name it, and look at what the consequences will be. We all have a lot of thoughts and feelings that shouldn’t be acted upon. Learn to face them in the presence of God.


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