January 17, 2022

John 2:3 Jesus’ mother told him, “They’re just about out of wine.” (The Message Bible)

Winter can be a hard time for people. It’s been bitter cold this past week and that can take a lot out of folks. It zaps your strength. If you stay in, you can get cabin fever. If you go out, you worry about getting stuck in the cold or sliding on ice or any number of bad possibilities. And, of course, your favorite playoff football team could always lose. Even if your holidays have been great, they are over and spring seems a long way away. You may feel like your party is just about out of wine. Mental health can be a tricky business but maintaining spiritual disciplines certainly can help. Focusing on God and God’s goodness is good wine. You can do that through prayer and scripture, alone or with a group. Worship, even if it is only through Zoom or Livestream, reminds us that it is not all about us. And since today is MLK Day of Service, serving in Christ’s name, even when you would rather not, can surprisingly fill your tank. Jesus will go on to provide more wine in the above story. May he fill your empty places too.


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