March 14, 2022

Luke 13:35 Just then some Pharisees came up and said, “Run for your life! Herod’s got your number. He’s out to kill you!” (The Message Bible)

The person these Pharisees are warning is Jesus. Of course, Herod is a mortal threat. After all, he had John the Baptist arrested and beheaded. But when did the Pharisees become so concerned for Jesus’ well-being? Maybe these were a special few that weren’t as antagonistic towards Jesus as their other representatives are portrayed in the gospels. Maybe they just wanted Jesus out of their territory and thought this was a good way to make that happen. Maybe they wanted to be against Herod and, well, for the moment at least, the enemy of my enemy can be my friend. We simply don’t know. But the statement above allows Jesus the opportunity to explain that he is not about to change his course in response to outside influence. He knows what he is about, what he is called to do, and plans to see it through no matter what the threats or consequences may be. Can you say the same? 


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