June 13, 2022

Acts 6:3 choose seven men from among you whom everyone trusts, men full of the Holy Spirit and good sense, and we’ll assign them this task. (The Message Bible)

This is the apostles talking to their congregation about how to resolve a problem they were having regarding the distribution of food to widows. It is sometimes thought of as the first selection of deacons because the word for the ministry they were to perform is like deacon in the original language. We talk about our elected officials as civil servants and I hope some of them have that attitude but you would have to doubt it from the way election campaigns are conducted. The role of a servant leader is a high ideal and one that comes from the Bible even though officially it was restricted to males in that day and age. The supreme example, of course, is Jesus. Who do you regard as a servant leader? Is servant leadership something to which you aspire? What changes would God have to make in your life for you to be a better servant leader?


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