October 3, 2022

Acts 21:24  “it will become obvious to everyone that there is nothing to the rumors going around about you and that you are in fact scrupulous in your reverence for the laws of Moses.” (The Message Bible)

The leaders of the church in Jerusalem told Paul to be part of and pay for some rituals four men were performing at the Temple in order to get the above results. If you read the rest of the chapter, you will find that their plan doesn’t work. It is amazing how many organizations are run on rumors, from governments to churches. You would think in this “information age” we would be able to find the truth quickly and accurately, but it seems we have just as much trouble discerning disinformation and misinformation as ever. It feels like our political campaigns consist mostly of rumors and gossip about opponents rather than plans the candidates have to make things better. The rumors surrounding Paul in this chapter end up getting him arrested. Of course, we do not want to be naïve or immature about the world around us, but shouldn’t we be sure about our facts before we pass them along. In the second world war there was a slogan that “loose lips sink ships.” Let’s make sure they don’t sink anyone’s faith!


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