October 10, 2022

Acts 22: 2 Paul continued, “I am a good Jew, born in Tarsus in the province of Cilicia, but educated here in Jerusalem under the exacting eye of Rabbi Gamaliel, thoroughly instructed” (The Message Bible)

Do you have a diploma? Maybe a high school or college one? Perhaps a certificate that says you completed a certain type of training? If you are ever job hunting, these are the types of things you indicate on your resume to let a prospective employer know that you are qualified for the position. Paul is presenting his resume here, under pressure from a crowd who doesn’t think he is being a loyal Jew. He is letting them know that he has the credentials for what he will say next about Jesus. Credentials for a job are pretty straight forward. Credentials for life may be less so. In the end, none of the things he mentions here helps Paul win any sympathy from the crowd. Whom do you listen to regarding things about God or truth or how to live your life? What credentials would someone need to win a hearing with you?


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