Mission Update

The food pantry folks received (in addition to their regular food items) a Thanksgiving bag of holiday food such as stuffing, potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberries, and vegetables.  Along with that, the Deacons provided a gift certificate to the ACME to be used towards a turkey.  Thanks to all of you for your generosity.

The December Mission Projects are:


If you have a warm winter coat to donate, you may drop it off in the boxes placed in the Mission Corner.  The coats must be clean and in good condition.  You can also include sweatshirts, scarves, heavy socks or any other item you think would keep a person warm.  This clothing will be given to New Visions Shelter in Camden.


Logan’s annual mitten Christmas tree will be placed in the Mission Corner.  We hope the tree will be filled with mittens and gloves to also take to New Visions. Remember some heavy gloves for the adults.


Mike Smith handles the PetPals mission for us and he tells me it will be a little different this year.  We will not need as many donations this year as there will be just two families receiving the pet supplies and people food.   A sign-up sheet is in the Family Life Center listing the items needed.  Mike will talk more about this in an upcoming Sunday service.  Please do not bring items for this collection until you check the sign-up sheet to determine just what is needed. Once you have signed your name to a specific item, you can drop it off in the Mission Corner.


The after church party will be held on Sunday, December 17th.

We have received a special request from a Food Pantry woman to help with Christmas gifts for her niece, a six year old girl who lost both her parents.  The family cannot afford any gifts for the child at all.  If you would like to help this family, please drop off your gift in the food pantry.  Sonia wears size 7 clothes and likes typical six year old items including, of course, anything to do with Frozen.

We just finished up our Grow Group book, Help, Thanks, Wow.  We talked a lot about thanks.  This related, of course, to thanking God.  It made me think also about thanking each other.  How about in December we choose someone at Logan who we would like to thank.  Look around you in church next week.  Is there someone who gives so much to the congregation week after week that you would like to thank personally?  Why not send them by regular mail an old fashioned “thank you” card to show your appreciation.  Not a Christmas card with a hand written message at the bottom, but a real “thank you” card.  It can make a person’s day.

I would like to thank Sandy Bowen.  Noticing there were a lot of knitted items in the Mission Corner, donated by our Logan women who love knitting, Sandy got on the phone and tracked down a place that could use knitted scarves, etc.  Discovering Robins Nest would love to have them, she delivered the bags of the knitted accessories to Robins Nest personally.  We already have some more which we will give to New Missions along with our coat donations.  Good Job!

My six year term on session as Mission Chair ends this December.  Thank you to everyone who has been so giving and so generous to every mission project throughout the year.  It has been a wonderful experience to see first- hand the kindness of this congregation.

Happy 2018.

Shirley Phillips


CROP Walk for Hunger – 2017

CROP 2017




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