CROP Walk for Hunger

Our mission for June will center on our Logan Food Pantry. We were blessed to receive the huge donations from the Boy Scouts, however except for canned vegetables and pasta, we are coming to the end of that supply.
The Young At Heart Club sponsored a food collection for the Logan Pantry and we are very grateful for their generosity. In order to keep the food pantry up and running on a regular basis, however, we need to sustain it with regular ongoing donations. We help about 14 people with food twice a month. That adds up to a good amount of food to be placed on the shelves even though we do limit their amount of items.
Some might believe we still have food from the scout collection, but please remember food has expiration dates. You cannot keep food indefinitely. For this reason we shared some of it with other churches rather than have it go to waste. It all went to feed the hungry in our area and all of the food banks expressed their thankfulness. Besides, I got to meet some of these nice people and what a blessing that was!
There are lists of needed items in the Family Life Center, The Mission Corner, The Food Pantry, The Hallway and the Newsletter and Bulletin. Any donated food item is appreciated.
The Food Pantry people are always grateful for our help. They read the Logan Newsletter, ask about the congregation and have attended church services here. Many of them have health issues and have a difficult time navigating our complicated health system. Several of them walk to the Food Pantry in all weather.
Please remember them in your prayers and thank you for your generosity.

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