January 2021 Mission Moments

Thank you so much for supporting the mission projects for December and throughout the year! This year has been like no other in so many ways that are negative but the positive ways in which our church family and community have responded to the needs of others is very heart-warming! The mitten tree came to life (thank you, Sandy Bowen), the PetPal collection was amazing (thank you, Mike Smith, for your commitment to this project), the items for Joseph’s House and Camden County Women’s Center will be appreciated by the recipients, and the Food Pantry has been well-stocked and food store gift cards help to supplement the needs of the pantry guests.

The items for Joseph’s House and Camden Country Women’s Center will be delivered by the end of December so there is still time to donate if you like.

Items for all the projects can be dropped off in the mission area or in the porch of the Hoffman House. I can also come and pick them up from you! Monetary donations are also welcome!

Needed items include:

-Men’s, women’s, and children’s new underwear, socks, and pajamas

-Personal hygiene supplies for men and women (unopened packages, please)

New clothes like sweat-shirts and pants, t-shirts

-Activity books such as crossword puzzles, word finds, adult coloring books, markers, and colored pencils

-Playing cards

– Towels



-Non-perishable snacks

-Cans of coffee

Grant Awards

West Jersey Presbytery has been extremely generous in supplying grant funding for hunger needs. Logan was awarded two $500 grants from Presbytery this fall. Mansion Avenue School received a grant for their food pantry needs and we are working on distributing the Hunger Grant to those in Audubon schools and the community who have food insecurity. Our thanks to Meg Murray who is helping to get the word out to the case managers to help identify families in need. Dianne Geissler also offered to help to identify possible recipients through her work at the school.

Food Pantry

Rev. Don continues to meet with pantry visitors by appointment and they can also receive a $15 ACME gift card, if needed. Thank you to Shirley Phillips for always being available for consultation and Grace Murray for her assistance in sorting and stocking items!

Here are some items that you can contribute to the pantry:

Coffee- Cans or instant

Toothpaste and individually wrapped toothbrushes

Soap, dish soap, laundry detergent


Graham crackers

Canned fruit

Hearty meat or chicken soups like Progresso or Chunky Soup

Canned tuna and salmon

Canned stews like Dinty Moore (beef or chicken)

January and February Mission Project

As we move into the new year, the needs of others continue. For those of who have been to church and walked through the mission area, you might have noticed that the Blanket Fund information is still on the bulletin board. Some things remain frozen in time, before the COVID-19 crisis occurred. I left the bulletin board as it was from March 2020 because I thought it provides a hopeful message of the need to “blanket the world with love”, which Church World Service uses for their slogan. There will be more to follow on the Blanket Fund in upcoming bulletins and the February newsletter.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting Logan’s mission projects and your willingness to care for God’s people and to show his love to others, especially in these very difficult times. Even if you are unable to contribute to the mission projects, please keep them in prayer.

Blessings, Corinne Latini- Mission Commission

CROP Walk 2020

We raised over $3,300 with other area churches for the wonderful mission of Church World Service, working on hunger programs here in the U.S.A. and all around the world.

CROP 2020

 CROP Walk 2019 in the Pouring Rain

CROP Walk for Hunger – 2017

CROP 2017

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